The Creation Myth

“Sorry, but it’s not on the menu,” Maia said standing over Alcyone’s shoulder.

Alcyone repeated for clarification, “Empathy, isn’t on the menu at all?”

“No, and if you take a closer look, there are some curious traits added as well.”

“Like, gun lover,” Asterope chimed in, she wasn’t that interested in helping Zeus.

As far as Asterope was concerned, he should leave well enough alone. When his first experiment at creating humans failed, he should have just walked away and let them kill each other. They had already managed to create a second ice age and wipe themselves out. But Zeus, forever obsessed with humanity decided to give it another go and tasked the sisters with helping him create a perfect human.

Tiggy asked, “How are humans supposed to coexist without empathy?”

“Maybe we could mix them with an animal,” Celaeno chimed in, “Maybe a rabbit?”

“Just because your children are half-breeds doesn’t mean an entire population of rabbit humans would work,” Electra said and rolled her eyes before insisting that Alcyone move out of her seat in front of the creation interface module. “If we max out the bar on understanding and decrease selfishness down to just one bar we should be able to elicit empathy.”

“Merope, what do you think,” Alcyone asked?”

“She left already,” Tiggy answered, “But she did tell me to make sure you made them attractive and strong enough to push rocks.”


Yeah Write Challenge to incoroporate Pleiades into the story and use the word prompt, “Sorry, but it’s not on the menu.”