Why I Quit The Mommy Blogs

I used to be one of those “Mommy Bloggers,” and before you jump down my throat with, “what’s so wrong with people who write parenting blogs?” My answer is nothing; it just wasn’t for me. The reason why it wasn’t for me is that I felt like I was selling the stories of my family for clicks.Every single family event was recorded and cataloged for the approval of the internet, and I stopped living in the moment and enjoying my family. Instead, I looked for what I could exploit in each moment for the sole purpose of going viral. When I eventually did go viral, ironically, it wasn’t for a story I wrote about my kids but rather a story I wrote about myself.

The thing with that whole subsection of blogging is that there’s nothing original. And you could argue that there isn’t anything original and you’d be right.  Everything is some variation of some other story told in different ways. There are quite a few who I believe are wasting their talents in such an endeavor. Their ability to take something as common as a baby blowout and put you there, making you laugh until you cried is beyond compare. They should be writing. Then there are those that give the whole genre a bad name. They are the ones that steal content, tell the same mundane stories to sell diaper genies that they don’t even use, and exploit their families for the sake of popularity. I have met people in both groups, and it was the reason why I decided to leave that world behind.

I am not a parenting blogger, and to me, it’s best to leave it to those who do it well. I also didn’t want to exploit my children’s childhood for the sake of free stuff that I’ll never use. I felt bad taking free merchandise and writing reviews when I would never use the product in real life. But that’s just how I’m wired, and everyone is wired differently, it’s neither good or bad, just different.

Writing and the process of writing is a lot like finding yourself. You start out with one genre or style, and over time your voice develops. You find out what type of writer you are, and that’s what happened with me. I started as a parenting blogger, and over time I started to write outside of that box. I wrote two novels and bunch of short stories. I submitted essays to various publications that were published. I went to workshops and back to school, all to hone my craft, this hobby that has turned into a vocation. I can’t say that I have found my voice, but I have found where my talents do not lie and where they do.

I read a quote from Edwin Elliot that goes, “By being yourself, you put something wonderful in the world that was not there before.” I hope that with Round Holes Square Pegs I can put something wonderful into the world that wasn’t there before, a space for people like me. By like me, I mean people who don’t quite fit, who are just outside of what the majority deems to be the norm and are tired of being told that you’re not normal. In this space, in this community, we are the norm. I hope that now I can put something of value out into the world through my own stories instead of just adding to the chatter.