Square Pegs

My entire life is made up if moments that are either embarrassing or awkward. I realized this juicy tidbit of information as I lie in bed unable to sleep for the 659th night in a row. Now 659 nights of sleepless is a bit of an exaggeration. The human body can only go for 11 -32 days without sleep (thanks, Google) before it just gives up and dies. But I feel like I haven’t slept in as many days. And before I got off on my tangent about my lack of sleep, thanks to my lack of sleep and lack of clarity, I was telling you about my life of awkwardness.

I’m one of those girls women that people describe as being pretty and nice and all those other attributes that most people aspire to have. I, on the contrary, see myself as the complete opposite. Unattractive, not nice at all (I mean if my thoughts were thought bubbles) and downright not anything anyone should hope to aspire to be. Yet, here I am and there we are. The result of my self-perception is where a lot of awkwardness and embarrassing moments originate from, which I’m sure I’ll write about later but not today.

Today is for introductions. It’s a chance for me to say hello to you and to give you a taste of what you can expect to see here. And I’ll be honest; it’s mostly stream of consciousness with a little bit of complaining and a lot of honesty. If none of those things bother you, then we should get along just fine.

So pull up a chair, even though we both know you’re probably reading this on the toilet and welcome to Round Holes Square Pegs. I’m the Writer, you’re the Reader, and this is our Middle Aged Misfit playground. Enjoy!